Mississippi Music

Most of the source recordings for the music in my two books on Mississippi fiddling are in print on CD/dowload as listed below. Additionaly more can be heard at:
Slippery Hill or Youtube
(search by tune title or source performer)


Available Recordings & Posters

Field Recorders Collective:

Leake County String Band cd cover FRC 730 Leake County String Band, Field recordings from MIssissippi's longest lived string band, includes the great tune- Mississippi Shuffle.


FRC 724 Alvis Massengale , 1970s field recordings from a great Mississippi fiddler who led the Newton County Hillbillies on their 1930s 78rpm recordings.




Document Records 8000 Vintage Country series

Mississippi Fiddle Tunes and Songs from the 1930s:
1939 Library of Congress Recordings Collected in Mississippi by Herbert Halpert DOCD- 8071 3 cd set

Narmour & Smith - The Complete Recorded Works (1928-1930)
Narmour and Smith Vol.1 DOCD 8065
Narmour and Smith Vol. 2 DOCD 8066


Leake County Revelers - The Complete Recorded Works (1927-1930)
Leake County Revelers Vol 1
Leake County Revelers Vol 2


Mississippi Fiddle Bands Vol 1

Mississippi Fiddle Bands Vol 2


My recordings of Mississippi tunes:

Mississippi Travelers - Archaeology
Tunes from the book
Carroll County, MS

My composed tunes in the Mississippi fiddle style:
The Completely Lost Mississippi Fiddle Tunes (double CD)