The Mississippi Travelers

Who's Been Giving You Corn,Valley School Blues., and Lincoln County Blues.

       Short Promotional video for Archeology CD
       Wolves a Howling
       Roll them Simelons
       Turkey in the Raw
       Billy in the Lowground
       Third Party / Mississippi Shuffle

StoryState, Mississippi Storytelling interview series When I have toured for concerts and presentations to support our two books, I’ve found myself breaking up the tunes with storytelling about the music and finding it. It’s become a big part of what I do.

Book Trailer for Mississippi Fiddle Tunes and Songs from the 1930s

Playing Eugene Clardy's fiddle

Playing Luther Milner's fiddle

New tune - Fort Tunesmith, recorded at Cliftop, WV (See Clifftop 2020 recording for a more recent recording)